You can’t fake real community.

We understand that our members are people and we will succeed in creating and building The Collective when our humanity drives our community.

These are some additional community projects we’re involved with.

Community Sessions

The Collective is primarily a community –people who have found that health, wellbeing, training and life is best together.

With this in mind we host regular community sessions that offer variety to our members as well as open our doors to the wider community to experience the culture and support that drives The Collective. From family friendly session at the Haven, mid week ice bath and beer sessions, group swims, to Friday fiestas which include a workout followed by dinner at the gym. Sometimes it's more about the connection then the workout.


Trek4vets is a non profit organisation with the mission to raise funds by testing one’s own limits. The midnight to dawn trek is about remembrance, reflection and community as we give thanks to all those who have served and sacrificed. We aim to promote suicide awareness and prevention as well as assist serving and returned veterans and their families by supporting Mates4Mates.

Marching as one group to remember and pay our respects to all who have served and to the soldiers who've made the ultimate sacrifice. We march through the night from Putty Beach to Terrigal Beach arriving in time...

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Activate Foods

Activate foods is a family run business that produces pre packaged whole foods at the highest standard. Marty and his team produce meals that are a in class of their own and are extremely affordable. Time poor is no longer an excuse to eat healthy!

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The Stretch Lab

The Stretch Lab was created to help everyday people and sporting professionals alike perform and feel better through assisted stretching. Mobility is key to maintaining a healthy body and longevity in your training, we highly recommend a visit!

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Eatsense was established on the NSW Central Coast in 2013 by owner and Accredited Practising Dietitian Nicole Saliba and has since grown into a team of passionate dietitians. We strongly believe that healthy eating does not have to be complicated or restrictive, and that eating well should be stress and guilt-free, Nicole and her team are there to guide you every step of the way

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365 with Andrew Pap Online Training

Comprehensive Online Training Program Which Encapsulates Three Major Elements; Training, Nutrition And Mindset. This Program is a private platform for me to share/coach you via providing access to personal videos, high quality training sessions/techniques, daily mindfulness and nutritional insight.

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The Shoebox Revolution

The Shoebox Revolution is a central Coast based charity that supports , and gathering donations for those who currently find themselves without a home.

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Alpha Fit

Alpha Fit supplies quality Australian made equipment that stands tall to every test a gym can put it through.

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